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      Technical innovation

             We set up an independent R&D center with more than 70sets international advanced equipments, covering a building area of 9000sqm which is the key hi-tech enterprise and key research institute of Zhejiang province. It has established a good relationship with Zhejiang University and other universities as well as business and technology cooperation relationship with world famous enterprises.Till now, we owned 53 authorized invention patents , took part in 44 drafts in national and industrial standard,. obtained 61 provincial certificate for scientific and technological achievement and won 27 science and technology invention award of provincial and city. It stands in the front rank in the same line in overall scientific research strength.
             Base on a strong technical team and advanced research facilities, our company evolved the manufacturing capacity from product information collection, structural analysis to small test, pilot test, industrialization, application service, therefore, it can quickly and efficiently provide customer with different kinds of tailored special surfactant products.

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