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      Company profile

             Zhejiang Huangma Technology Co., LTD was founded in 2003, covers an area of 350,000 square meters, with total assets of 1700 million yuan. We have other two wholly owned subsidiaries: Zhejiang Lukean Chemical Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Huangma Surfactant Research institute Co., Ltd.
              The products cover more than 1,200 products in the Chemical Fiber Oil plate, printing and textile auxiliaries plate, lubricant &metalworking Fluids plate, water reducing agent plate, coating plate, silicones surfactant plate, pesticide auxiliary plate, water treatment plate, personal care plate and other surfactant plate used in new composite materials. We are a special surfactant production manufacturing enterprise, with complete varieties, high technology, and is also the national standardization technical committee, special surfactants in chemistry points technical committee secretariat of the unit, the national high and new technology enterprise, Zhejiang technology standard research and innovation base ministry area in Zhejiang province first batch of standardized demonstration enterprises create units, Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises, the provincial key enterprises have special surfactant research institute, key high-tech research center at the provincial level, provincial engineering technology research center.
              We adhere to the concept of professional, ecological, high-tech, leading for development, bend to become one of the world’s leading surfactant manufacturer.
              We use ERP information platform, based on standard into, actively promote the fine management system, to realize a good management performance. Main production process use combining of DCS, SIS and MES, ERP control and management system, to ensure product quality stability and safety, we are the first batch enterprise that won the title of provincial standardization of safety standard. At the same time, we also have good performance in environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction achieved, is highly evaluated by the government and society.

      Corporate culture

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